From festive galas to intimate gatherings, our events are where memories are made and traditions come alive. Dive into our vibrant calendar and discover the pulse of the Yeovil Indian Association.

What We Do

Cultural Festivities

Celebrate the major Indian festivals like Diwali, Holi, Navratri, and more, bringing alive the traditions, music, and dance inherent to each.

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Community Outreach

Engage with the broader Yeovil community through workshops, educational sessions, and collaborative events, promoting mutual understanding and respect.

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Youth Engagement

Tailored events and programmes for the younger generation, from talent shows to educational workshops, ensuring they connect with their roots while integrating with their present.

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Arts and Performances

Showcase the rich tapestry of Indian arts, from classical dance recitals to contemporary Bollywood nights and musical soirees.

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Culinary Events

Organise food festivals and cooking workshops, letting people experience the diverse and rich flavours of Indian cuisine.

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Wellness and Spirituality

Sessions on yoga, meditation, and spiritual discourses, bringing the holistic wellness principles of India to Yeovil’s community.

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I was curious about Holi, having only seen it in films. The association's Holi event was a riot of colours and laughter! I not only had fun but also gained a deeper appreciation for the festival and its significance. Can't wait for the next one!


Thank you so much to the wonderful Yeovil Indian Association & Friends for inviting me to join in their Diwali celebrations. I could not have been made more welcome. Great food - my mouth is only just returning back to normal, great fun, and a whole new set of friends.

Len Copland, Professional Photographer

It was vibrant and exciting. Thank you for making me feel part of your family and celebrations.

Evie Potts-Jones, ex-Mayor of Yeovil, UK

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