Becoming a member of the Yeovil Indian Association means more than just attending events – it’s about joining a family that cherishes and promotes the rich Indian heritage while adapting and evolving within the diverse tapestry of Yeovil.

Membership Benefits

Exclusive Invitations

Delve deeper: As a privileged member, you’ll be among the first to receive invites to our events, from cultural festivities to community workshops. These priority invitations ensure you have the best seat in the house at every event.


Value and Savings: Membership comes with its perks, and one of them is exclusive discounts. Whether it’s a ticket to our grand Diwali celebration or a workshop on traditional Indian dance, enjoy marked-down prices available only for our members.


Forge Bonds: Our events aren’t just about celebrating culture; they’re about bringing people together. As a member, you’ll have unparalleled opportunities to network with fellow community members, creating both personal bonds and potential professional collaborations.

Educational Resources

Enrich Your Knowledge: Gain access to a curated library of resources, from articles on Indian history to instructional videos on traditional arts and crafts. Our digital library is continuously updated, ensuring you always have something new to learn.

Community Voice

Shape Our Future: Your voice matters to us. As a member, you’ll have voting rights on key community decisions, from event themes to new initiatives. Be an active part in shaping the direction and future of our association.

Special Workshops

Dive Deeper: Experience the depth of Indian culture with special member-only workshops. Whether it’s mastering the nuances of a traditional dance form or learning about the significance of certain festivals, these workshops are tailored to provide a deeper understanding.

Newsletter Access

Stay in the Loop: Our monthly newsletter is more than just updates. It’s a comprehensive look at what’s been happening, what’s coming up, and stories from our community. As a member, you’ll receive this exclusive content right in your inbox, ensuring you’re always connected.

Supportive Community

Lean On Us: Beyond the events and resources, being a member means you’re part of a supportive community. Whether you’re new to Yeovil or have been here for years, find a network of individuals ready to support, help, and guide.

Cultural Preservation

Keep Traditions Alive: Our association places a significant emphasis on preserving and promoting Indian culture. As a member, you play an integral role in this, ensuring that the rich traditions and customs are passed on to the next generation.

Each of these benefits has been crafted with the aim of providing value, connection, and a deeper understanding of the Indian culture to our members.

Joining process

Step Into Our Community in Three Simple Steps


Reach out to us via our contact page, email or directly through our membership helpline.

Form Submission

Fill out the online application form, providing necessary details and expressing your interests.

Approval & Onboarding

Upon review and approval, you’ll receive a welcome kit and onboarding information about your membership.

Embrace Tradition, Forge Connections. Become a Member Today!

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